MetroMile Vs Progressive

Are you trying to save on auto insurance? This MetroMile vs Progressive car insurance comparison will help you make the right insurance choice. MetroMile is a young pay-per-mile insurance company that is best used by low-mileage drivers. Progressive is the 4th largest auto insurer in the world that has been insuring customers since 1937.

MetroMile Vs Progressive: 5 Differences (Easy Winner)


Pricing comparison


Here is one question that always comes up, “is MetroMile legit?” The answer is yes! MetroMile has one of the lowest car insurance rates that you will ever find in the U.S. If you are looking for affordable month to month insurance, then MetroMile is a great option. MetroMile is not like your traditional auto insurance provider. MetroMile is more of a pay as you go insurance company. With MetroMile you will receive a flat based rate. For example, you might have to pay $50 a month.

Along with that flat based rate you have to pay pennies for every mile that you drive. If you drive 500 miles a month and you are charged 4.2¢ per mile, then you will be charged only $21 + $50 = $71 for that month. Now you see how you can save with MetroMile. The less that you drive the more that you can save in the long run. Some drivers in Philadelphia reported a savings of over $700 a year with MetroMile. Some drivers reported saving over $900. With that said rates vary based on a number of different factors. MetroMile might charge one driver a flat based rate of $30 while they might charge another driver a flat based rate of $70. It is important that you get a quote for yourself to see how much that you will be charged with MetroMile.

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Progressive car insurance is similar to GEICO, Allstate, State Farm and other auto insurance companies. Progressive takes the more traditional approach and offers their customers a fixed rate. If you like to know the exact amount that you will be paying for car insurance every month, then Progressive might be for you. Although Progressive will most likely not offer rates as cheap as MetroMile, they will offer cheap fixed rates. Progressive is known for their affordability. Progressive offers cheaper premiums than the national average by $300 on average. The states that get the best insurance rates with Progressive are Alabama, Iowa, and Idaho. Once again, rates are dependent on the age of driver, car model, car year, state and city of driver, credit history of driver, and more. Make sure to get a quote today.


Claims and financial strength


The J.D. Power Claim Study reveals how insurance providers handle claims. Progressive was average in the latest J.D. Power Claims Study. They received 3 out of 5 Power Circles. Progressive also did better than average with positive online reviews. Progressive received an A+ with Better Business Bureau which shows they handle complaints wells.

Progressive received an “A+” from A.M. Best and an “AA” from both Fitch and S&P, which means that they have the assets to pay the claims of their customers.



MetroMile was not rated in the J.D Power Claims Study. However, MetroMile did receive an “A+” grade from BBB. Overall MetroMile has great reviews, but there are some customers who have not been satisfied with their claims experience just like most insurance services.

A.M. Best, the industry leading financial analysts for auto insurance graded MetroMile with an “A-” grade.

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Availability comparison 

Progressive is available in all 50 states. However, some of their discounts may vary for each state. Progressive even offers Mexico auto insurance for drivers who travel to Mexico.

The drawback of MetroMile is that it is not available in all 50 states. In fact, it’s not even available in 25 states. Although MetroMile is improving and is currently working on adding more locations for their insurance services, currently MetroMile is only available in 7 states. These 7 states include California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. It’s unfortunate for drivers in Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Michigan, Washington, D.C, and more who have been waiting for a pay-per-mile service.

If you are outside of these 7 states, then you can add yourself to a waitlist to be notified when other states become available.


Discount and features comparison

There is no denying that Progressive offers more discounts than MetroMile. MM is a car insurance company that excels in helping low-mileage drivers save on auto insurance. Most of their savings come while using their service. Progressive is an old established company that is more than an auto insurance provider so of course they will offer more discounts. Progressive also offers boat, ATV, motorcycle, RV, flood, condo, homeowners, renters, snowmobile insurance, and more.


Progressive discounts

Snapshot – In many ways Snapshot is similar to MetroMile. Snapshot is a usage-based program that personalizes your insurance rates by how you drive and how much you drive. The average driver can save 100+ using Snapshot. Snapshot rewards are seen six months after enrolling in the program. Most drivers receive a discount with Snapshot. However, reckless and high-risk driving can increase your rates at the time of renewal. MetroMile will not increase your rates due to bad driving habits.

Multi-policy discount – Progressive allows you to bundle auto and home insurance, which helps you to save money on your policy. With Progressive bundling policies can save you 5%. MetroMile only deals with car insurance so they do not offer multi-policy discounts.

Safe drivers – Those who have been accident-free and ticket-free for the past 3 years can save up to 31% with Progressive.

Homeowner discount – Do you own a home or condo? If so, you can receive a discount with Progressive. The property does not have to be insured by progressive, all that matters is ownership. The amount that you are able to save varies per person.

Sign documents online – This is a simple discount. Immediately after you purchase your auto policy, you will be prompted to sign your documents online. Once you sign your documents online you will be able receive up to a 7% discount.

Good student – When you have a “A” or “B” student on your Progressive policy you can easily save. You are eligible for even more discounts when the student is away at college.


MetroMile discounts 

Multi carAdd multiple cars onto your policy and you will save with MetroMile.


Discounts through the MetroMile app

  • Monitor your car’s health – This helpful feature helps MetroMile drivers to get a diagnosis of their vehicles running condition.
  • Track and optimize your trips – This feature helps drivers to save and make better decisions.
  • Missing car feature – Find your vehicle with the built-in MetroMile GPS.
  • Street sweeping alerts Receive notifications when your vehicle is parked in a street-sweeping zone.


Mobile app comparison


Progressive offers a very simple and easy to use mobile app that allows for fingerprint login, roadside assistance, finding service centers, digital ID cards, reporting and taking photo of damages, and more.



MetroMile’s smart driving app comes packed with tons of features that you wouldn’t see on other insurance apps. Everything is done on the app. MetroMile app features include viewing policy documents, checking your recorded mileage, viewing trip data, checking your car’s health, and more.


Bottom line

Both companies have their advantages and I recommend that you compare quotes. Progressive gives you more discounts and more insurance options. MetroMile will help you save on your premium if your car is usually parked. If you are trying to save on your premium, then I encourage you to get a quote with MetroMile here today.

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