Metromile Vs Esurance

Cheap car insurance is a must! Here is a battle between Metromile vs Esurance. Both companies are cheap. However, one offers fixed rates while the other calculates your miles to determine how much you pay. Let’s begin the review and start a quote today!

Metromile Vs Esurance: 5 Differences (Easy Winner)

Price comparison

It’s hard to find pay-per-mile insurance companies. Metromile and Esurance are two true pay-per-mile services. If you drive less than others, then pay-per-mile is exactly what you need if you desire cheap car insurance.

You will pay a base rate of around $30 and then you will pay pennies per mile. Let’s say that you drive 300 miles a month and you are charged a base rate + 3 cents per mile. You will only be spending $39 on car insurance a month which is the cheapest price that you will find anywhere.

The only difference is that Metromile only offers pay-per-mile insurance while Esurance on the other hand offers both pay-per-mile and non-pay-per-mile insurance. If you love racking up miles on your car or you love taking long trips, then Esurance is a good company if you need a fair auto quote. Quotes vary for pay-per-mile, but I’ve noticed that most people have been receiving cheaper quotes with Metromile.

I strongly recommend that you compare quotes from both companies today.

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Although pay-per-mile is expanding it is not readily available in every state. Metromile is currently available in 7 different states including California, Oregon, and Illinois. Esurance pay-per-mile on the other hand is only available in one state which is Oregon.

However, when it comes to regular home and auto insurance Esurance offers insurance everywhere. Esurance even offers auto insurance in Canada. Not only do they offer car insurance in Canada, but they also offer car insurance in Mexico.


Features comparison 

Esurance discounts and features 

Fast 5 discount – This discount saves you 5% on auto insurance policies that were created online. This discount is only available to Esurance customers and will not be found anywhere else.

Paid-in-Full discount – If you pay your premium in full instead of paying monthly for your auto insurance policy, then you could end up saving  10% on your premium.

Switch & Save – This is an awesome discount that you will receive from Esurance. All that you have to do is come from another company and save. For example, let’s say that you came from Progressive. At the time that you switch to Esurance if you still have a policy with Progressive you will be able to save 5%.

Claim-free discount – You could easily save 25% on your insurance premium with Esurance. All that is required is that all drivers go 5 years without a claim or DUI/DWI conviction.

Homeowners discount – If you or your spouse owns a house or a condo, then you will qualify for the homeowner’s discount. The amount that you are able to save varies from state to state. Mobile homes only qualify for Washington customers.

DriveSense® discount – DriveSense allows you to save money on your car insurance just by driving. The app records your driving record. It’s simple, when you drive safe you save. Just by signing up you will save 5%.

Good Driver discount – Compared to some other insurance providers Esurance flourishes when it comes to their Good Driver discount. Customers can save 30% to 40% by having a driver’s license for 3 years or more with 1 or 0 points on their driving record.


Metromile discount and features

Roadside assistance – Roadside assistance is an optional add-on for Metromile customers.

Car health feature – One of the most frustrating things to happen to you while driving is to glance over to your dash and notice that your check engine light is on. Not only is it frustrating it can be scary. The Metromile app allows you to diagnose your cars running condition, which saves you time and money by not having to go to AutoZone or a nearby mechanic.

Street Sweeping Alerts –  No one likes paying tickets. In the greater Los Angeles area alone, over $53 million has been spent on street sweeping tickets. Metromile customers are alerted if they are parked in a street-sweeping zone.

All miles over 250 a day are free – You can save big with Metromile when you go on a long trip. You will not be charged for the miles that you drive over 250 miles.



According to JD Power Esurance is average in overall claims satisfaction. This means that you can expect fair customer response times, fair settlements, average claim servicing, and average repair times.

Although Metromile is growing rapidly it is still a young company and has not yet been ranked by JD Power. However, Metromile has received mixed reviews from their customers. Some have no problem with their claim servicing while some claim that their 24/7 processing center can be slow. In my MetroMile auto insurance review one awesome thing that you will learn is that MetroMile is backed by billions of dollars in assets.


Which company offers more policies?

This is obvious! The company that offers the most policies is Esurance. At the moment Metromile only offers auto insurance. Esurance offers everything which means more discounts when you are using services from them. With Esurance you can get car, homeowners, ATV, boat, renters, trailer, golf cart, scooter, segway, life insurance, and more.


Final take

Metromile is a great young company for those that desire a cheap month to month insurance company. They are also great for those who drive under 12,000 miles a year. However, if you do not reside in a state that offers Metromile or if you like fixed monthly auto insurance payments, then Metromile is not for you.

I recommend Esurance over Metromile and here is why. Esurance is more established with more features and discounts for their customers. Also, Esurance is available in more places. Both companies have their perks. I encourage you to get a quote with both companies right now and compare rates.

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