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It is important that your you find the best car insurance for you and your family. In this Amica vs GEICO auto insurance review, we will compare everything from price to their apps. Make sure to compare rates today to receive the best insurance price.

Amica Vs GEICO: 5 Differences (Easy Winner)

Amica Mutual Insurance was founded in 1907 by A.T. Vigneron and is one of the oldest auto insurance companies. In the beginning Amica only offered auto, fire, and theft insurance. Now Amica offers their customers life and home insurance. Amica’s mission is to create peace of mind and build enduring relationships.

GEICO is a leading U.S. insurance group that has been providing their customers with affordable car insurance since 1936. Their founder Leo Goodwin Sr. was working for USAA when he got the idea to start his own auto insurance company. One day that idea came to life and it has been growing dramatically ever since.


Pricing comparison


I received a quote from both insurance companies. From reviewing both companies it is clear that Geico offers better month to month car insurance plans. With the same coverage options for my financed car I’m paying $200 less with Geico than I would with Amica even with the Amica discounts. In total, I would be saving $2400 a year with Geico which is phenomenal.

Get a GEICO quote here – 3-5 minute completion.


At first with Amica I received a quote for over $500 a month which is a ridiculous amount for car insurance for a single driver with no tickets or accidents in the last 5 years. I Immediately made some adjustments and after a lot of tweaking I was able to bring my quote down to $400 a month while sacrificing on my coverage, which was not worth it for me. With Amica I received a 12-month policy for $4,797/year.  I strongly recommend that you start a quote with both insurance providers today to compare prices.

Get a Amica quote here – 3-5 minute completion.


Discounts comparison

Both insurance providers are rich in discounts and almost identical in the discounts that they offer their customers. One distinction in discounts though is that Amica does not offer a good driver’s discount to reward their customers.

Amica discounts

E-discount – This is a straightforward way of receiving a discount from Amica. All that you have to do is sign up for e-bill. When you do this say goodbye to receiving bills by mail which everyone hates anyway. Instead, you will receive mail notifications when your payment is due.

Autopay – This is another simple discount. All that you have to is setup autopay with Amica and you’re done.

Tenure discount – You can receive a discount with Amica if you have been with your insurance company for a long time, but then you switch over to Amica.

Anti-theft devices: If your vehicle is equipped with anti-theft devices, then Amica will reduce your rates on the other collision portion of your car insurance policy.

Electronic stability control – Electronic stability control is a safety feature that prevents your car from skidding out of control. It is great for rainy days or black ice. Not only does this feature help to insure your protection but it can also save you money. This is a rare discount that Amica customers can benefit from.

Student away at school – When you have a child who is away for school more than 100 miles away you can save money.

Multi-car – This is common insurance discount that comes into effect when you insure two or more cars with your insurance provider.


GEICO discounts 

Membership Discounts And Premium Reductions – You may be eligible for a significant discount if you belong to one of the over 800 groups on GEICO’s member and employee discounts page. On top of discounts, you will receive competitive and customized GEICO products.

Some of the college discounts include Florida International University, Stanford Alumni Association, Arizona State University, Boise State, Colorado State University, Georgia Southern University, Louisiana State University, Indiana University, Missouri State University, NC State, Ohio University, Princeton University, Texas Christian University, University of Virginia, and more. Fraternity and sorority groups are also part of the 800 discount groups.

Driving History & Habits – Save money by being a good driver with GEICO.

50 years old discount – If you are 50 years old or older you could be saving money on car insurance. GEICO helps you to save money due to your age where some companies will increase your policy upon renewal due to your age.

Student discount – GEICO knows how hard it can be for students. Students who maintain a B average can easily save money on their car insurance.

Federal employee discount – Are you currently an active or retired federal government employee? If so you can start saving money with GEICO today.

Motorcycle discount – Not only can you insure your motorcycle with GEICO, but you can also save money while doing it.  Save 10% today!



In case of emergency you will make a claim, so you should always be prepared. Although Amica is an expensive company they are also a great company with an awesome reputation when it comes to handling comprehensive and collision claims.

Geico is another company that excels in the claim test and the fact that they are the second largest auto insurance company speaks volumes about their service. Most of my family uses GEICO and whenever a claim was made GEICO has always been helpful and reasonable.


Roadside Assistance

It’s important that your insurance company offers roadside assistance. If you’re anything like me, then you have run out of gas before, locked your keys in your car before, caught a flat before, etc. Car issues are inevitable.

With GEICO insurance it takes two minutes to request roadside assistance through their app. What’s great about their app is that it pre-fills your policy and it offers a GPS locator to help you to be found. GEICO’s roadside assistance covers dead car batteries, flat tires, towing, lockout, etc.

Amica’s roadside assistance takes a more traditional approach. You can call their roadside assistance 24/7 and they also have roadside assistance on their app. Similar to Geico, Amica’s roadside assistance covers delivering fuel, unlocking doors, Changing flat tires, and more.


Mobile app comparison 

GEICO offers a more initiative app with more features than Amica’s app. Geico’s app provides their customers with a virtual assistant, digital ID cards, reporting & tracking claims, vehicle care, chatting with GEICO representatives feature, gas finders, and more. In Forrester’s 2017 US Mobile Auto Insurance Benchmark, GEICO’s App received the #1 spot in the rankings. Customers will love their fingerprint sign in and their other awesome features.

The Amica app is very straightforward and it works with operating systems 5.0 and 6.0 Everything is in front of your face. This app offers key features such as reporting and tracking a claim, making a payment, accessing repair vendors, and services, viewing ID cards, and more.


Which is the better auto insurance provider?

Both of these car insurance providers perform great when it comes to claims and they are both rich in features compared to other auto insurance providers. However, GEICO insurance offers slightly more features and you will receive a cheaper quote. I strongly recommend that you get a quote from both companies now and compare.

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